Lockdown Poem by Terri Simpson



We thought it wouldn't reach us

Because it was nowhere near

A few weeks later, everyone is starting to make a fuss

Covid-19 was here


At first, life was normal

Just singing happy birthday while washing hands 

And now it's awful 

No one thought it was dangerous, but now everyone understands


Schools were shut to stop the spread

At first for a short time, but now we don't know when they will be open again 

I was grateful but it's started messing with my head. 

My school relationships are strained 


I try to keep in touch with my friends 

But it's difficult without being face to face 

And when lockdown finally ends, 

I don't know if our friendship will be in the same place


We've had to do school online 

Which has been extremely stressful

Time is blending together so it's been difficult sticking to a deadline. 

And at times I've been unsuccessful


But things are slowly returning to the way things used to be, 

Shops are reopening and restrictions are being amended 

We're able to meet our friends in the garden for a cup of tea

It's amazing but definitely not in the way we intended 


When this is all over, everyone will be satisfied

Life will return to normal with patience and compromise

And we will remember what it was like when we were stuck inside 

Which will help us appreciate the time that we eventually get to spend with our loved ones without fear


By Terri Simpson