Life is... By Ashley Pannell

Life is like a hot bath.


Some people love it; others loathe it. Some people relish in relaxing whilst the bubbles pop and others simply prefer a quick shower.


Regardless of what our preferences of them are, we’ve all had to take one at least once in our lives. And we should all know the basics behind making one.


First, you have to turn on the taps, both hot and cold, so the water isn’t too cold or too hot but rather the perfect warm temperature that you instantly sink into. Then you add the bubble bath or a bath bomb. And they finally you get in.


Or you dip your toe into it until you’re used to the heat.


In this, we see the different types of people. The ones who go in, head first, the daredevils, the risk-takers, the ones who act first and think later.


Then there are the ones who wait. The thinkers, the wise ones. The everyday Ravenclaws of our world. The ones who take their time and allow themselves to get used to their surroundings before they settle in.


But life isn’t about that. Life isn’t about always waiting for conditions to be right or diving head first without a second thought. Life is about knowing when to grit your teeth and jump right in and when to simply wait for the water to cool down.