I am only human- Creative Writing by Ellie Prouse

I’m Only Human By Ellie Prouse

I can bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut for not speaking out. I stay awake for days because I am stressing out.

I fake a smile and laugh to pretend that everything is normal. People always think I am like superman but don’t they see that I am only human.

I bleed like you when you fall down. When things get stressful, I break down like most people do. The words you say to me go to my head and I feel my heart is getting stabbed. They build you up just for you to fall down again. But people don’t see that I am only human.

I have feelings, why can’t people see. When people think I am superman, they think I can hold the world in my hand as I do everything for everyone but again I am only human and there is so much I can do. When people betray me, I just have to get through it and move on as I am only human.

Why can’t people just see that I am human. Sometimes they think I am a superhero and I turn invisible. I just wish people could see me as me and that’s I am only human. I only can take so much until I finally break down and once I do break down people realise I am only human and not who everyone thinks I am.