Hurricane (Inspired by the song) By Ellie Prouse

Even though you are gone I can still feel you and your heart hanging from the air. When you were with me I used to count every step as you climbed the stairs. But your heart is not in the air, it is buried in your bones, this is harder than we know because I know you aren't with me.

Then the hurricane starts, I start to take it in slow. The world is spinning around me. I feel so fragile and composed. Though I start to break down again. I am aching to let you in.

Seven times it came, when you were not awake. There were seven times the flame, it was too much to take. The sky burns red against your skin. The world we knew turned into wind.

The hurricane starts again, I take it in slow. The world starts spinning. Feeling so fragile and composed. Even though I am breaking down, I am aching to let you in.

If all we know is hurricanes then we start to fall slow in the pouring rain. All we know is that there's lot of hurricanes so we might as well fall slow in the pouring rain. Watch it go but we stay the same, doing nothing and I don't know how to change it. Watching it go, staying the same and there is nothing I could do to change it.

By Ellie