How To Vote for The Power of Youth Projects to Be Funded

Read our guide on how to vote, before doing so, to make sure you understand the process.

Before you start - you will need either:

  • Your Young Scot Card or A Temporary Number - issued by Angus Council and other staff.

Each Young Scot Card or temporary number can only be used once, so make sure you understand what you need to do before you start!

Once you have your card or number ready, head to Young Scot's Online Voting Platform.

You will be asked to make selections at that link - follow this process:

  1. Input your card number - either your Young Scot card number or the temporary number - no spaces. Your Young Scot card number can be found directly below your name on the card and is 16-digits long
  2. Click on 'click here to choose your area'
  3. Select one of the four areas - you can only vote in one area, so make sure you pick the one that best suits you
  4. The projects will appear in a random order
  5. In each area there are both local and Angus-wide projects - you need to select three local projects and one Angus-wide project (4 selections in total) if you select less than or more than four total votes you will get an error message and your vote may not count - so be careful!
  6. Press the green "Submit Your Vote" button near the bottom of the page to make your selections
  7. Check the vote is going to proceed as you wanted 
  8. Click the green "Confirm Vote" button or go back to change your selections

Once you have confirmed you will see this confirmation screen.

vote confirmation image

That's your vote complete!

If you see a red panel at any time during your vote - you have made a mistake and you need to go back. If you do not go back, your vote will not be counted - and this is known as a spoiled ballot.

If you have any questions, ask your youth work or school staff for support.

Voting will close on 26th September at noon.

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