Fade into Myself (Chapter 1/6) By Ellie Prouse

It all happened that night when I got into the car. It was as though getting into that car was my fateful destiny. However, this destiny was not a kind one. It stole everything I had and was. Sometimes I still wonder what would have happened if I had not have gotten into that car. This is the story of how my life catastrophically came crashing down on me.

The rain quietly patters on the window as I attempt to ignore my parents debating politics in the front. It wasn't something that I was keen on listening into. It always ended up in an unending argument. Neither would ever back down on the subject. I wished that I had brought along my headphones to block it all out, but we had all been in a rush to make it in time for our reservation for dinner. My phone was barely even charged and the amount of texts coming through from friends was not helping the battery situation. It was tempting to switch it off and pretend that I had died or something. They always seemed to assume that every time I didn't reply. 

"Can we stop talking about this now?!" My mother half shouts into my dads ear.

"Only when you start seeing my point" My dad argues back. His answer comes in the form of my mum's scoff.

My eyes manage to form the most perfect eye roll before I turn my attention back onto the trees outside. They all blur at the speed of the car driving passed.  Going out for dinner was something I didn't want to do. I'd rather be at the party that my friends had invited me to, but my parents had insisted. I'd rather be well fed than grounded.

The rain grows more heavier by the minute as we get closer to our destination. The city was still a few miles away and we were surrounded by nothing by trees and empty road. My grandma is supposed to be meeting us there because she insisted on getting the bus.

"I just wish you would see my point" My mum whispers more to herself than anybody else. My phone lights up with my grandma's name on it. Instantly I am away to ignore it, thinking its just my friends. I pause to answer it instead, but the car lurches a bit against the wind. The phone flies out of my hand with me instantly following to pick it up. I bend down and stretch out my hand. I can barely reach it with just an inch of space between my fingers and the phone. I have to unbuckle my seatbelt to reach it. The phone stops flashing as soon as I pick it up. 

Once I picked up my phone that's when everything went black and my life was changed forever.