Fade into myself (2/6) By Ellie Prouse

The banging in my head wouldn't stop, and the piecing white light behind my eyes was insufferable. All I can hear is beep beep beep. I can also hear hushed whispers that sound worried and frantic. I try to pry my eyes opens, but they put up a big fight to avoid the big bright light shining through my eyelids. Slowly, slowly, slowly they finally open. Instantly, I wish I had kept them closed. People whispering to my left, whip their head in my direction noticing me waking up. Shock and relief can be seen on all their faces. I look at each of them in turn. One is clearly a doctor, the others, a man and a woman wear no uniform, but hold the same expressions. They rushed towards me and I am a little weary, leaning backwards to avoid their leering gazes.

"Eve" The woman exclaims, with tears dripping down her face. She attempts to hug me, but I jerk back. I can instantly see the hurt appear on her face. "Eve, what's wrong?"

"I - I don't know you" I stutter out my response. The woman's stumbles back confused, but the doctor behind her instantly steps forward with both his hands grasping the stethoscope wrapped around his neck. He leans over me, looking at me like I had just grown a second head.

"Can you tell me your name and when your date of birth is?" the doctors asks.

"I- I. I am Eve Watt. I was born- em - I was born July 14th" I stutter out.

"15th" the woman behind corrects.

"Do you know these people standing behind me. Take your time."

I look at them and squint my eyes and blurt out "I don't know." I start to panic. "I don't know!"

"Don't worry about it. Calm down and take a deep breath." the doctor says.

The woman behind the doctor starts crying loudly and I start to feel really bad that I don't remember her. She soon starts screaming at me saying,

"How can you not remember me." Soon the man beside her has to drag her out the room to calm her down. All that is left in the room is silence and a frowning doctor.