Discover Wattpad

Discover Wattpad!

Wattpad is the new talk through out the book worms. The website is gaining more and more fans each day whether it’s for the people who are craving a good read or for someone who wants to spill their thoughts and ideas into a good book. Wattpad is easy to use for most ages. Either signup or have a page to gain fans or just enter the site name and browse for any type of books you want to read. The website makes sure no one is left alone, completely lost and confused. There are many clubs created through out the site so if there is ever a question in mind the members in all clubs are always willing to help and be a friend. Wattpad is not just a site for books it offers artistic types of people to show their creative side and create many book covers which will gain you more followers.

The site is there to help everyone gain more confidence with their writing and help to upgrade their literary skill which may also earn someone The Watty Award - a competition where writers on the site can put forward one of their stories which will gain the book more readers.. The great thing about the site is that no matter how small or jumbled the story is someone will read it and vote or even leave a helpful comment to make you story even better. Wattpad is also an app so it can be used for reading great books on the go; it is also very easy to use! Wattpad is also a tool that it will help people go on forward to become authors or just a lot more popular on the website. Either way it all helps would be writers towards the future of having their own book. Last but not least the website is very safe to use. It offers a lot of security for your account so that if any cyber bulling is heard of it will be an immediate ban for the bully. Anyone with anything hurtful to say is very unwelcome on the website!

By Carol (Editor)