Dark Side by Ashley Pannell

We all have a dark side.


Pretending otherwise is untruthful, insincere  and pointless. We all have a dark side. All of us. Even those who are so purely good and kind and happy that you could never imagine them doing something sinister, or cruel, or evil.

They have dark sides. We all do. It is a fact of life. We do things we shouldn't do, think things we shouldn't think, feel things we shouldn't feel.

It is a flaw in humanity. We have a dark, twisted side to us that we try to fight. Sometimes we win. But it is inevitable that we will lose at other points, succumb to those dark whispers.

The things the little voices tell us to do may not even be all that bad; but we still do them, and we still know we shouldn't have. And so, the guilt settles in, the shame of what we've done, thought, felt. It can haunt us throughout the rest of our lives, or just leave an unpleasant feeling in the pit of our stomach, because we have a dark side.

We all have our dark sides. Some are consumed by them, forced to do nothing, but obey their will. To others, it is a passing breeze, an old acquaintance that greets as a friend.


We cannot hide them. We cannot get rid of them. We just have to learn how to live with them.

We all have our dark sides. But we also have light sides too.