Blog written by Daniella Faakor Damptey MSYP Angus South

My story - racism in Scotland 


At the Scottish Youth Parliament's 73rd national Sitting, Daniella Faakor Damptey MSYP, Angus South, shared some of her experiences of racism in Scotland. Being black and British, Daniella explores how both her identities should be acknowledged, represented equally and treated with respect. In her speech, Daniella calls on listeners to step up and be actively anti-racist.

Content warning: Daniella's speech discusses experiences of racism, and the murders of black individuals which some listeners may find emotionally triggering.

Hello Constituents,

I am delighted to announce that both my motions and one I collaborated on, for the Scottish Youth Parliament, based on Black Lives Matter and diversity

  1. ‘The Scottish Youth Parliament supports the aims of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is becoming an anti-racist society, and strongly condemns interpersonal, institutional and structural racism.’

Agree: 96% Disagree: 2% Abstain: 2%.The motion passes.                                                                       

  1. ‘The Scottish Youth Parliament calls for the removal of all statues, plaques and street signs that commemorate those were complicit in, and benefited from, the slave trade.’ 

Agree: 51% Disagree: 28% Abstain: 21%. The motion passes.                                                                  

  1. ‘The Scottish Youth Parliament calls on the Scottish Government to reform the education curriculum to more accurately reflect the experiences of BAME individuals; and to ensure their historical influence on Scottish society and culture, as well as Scotland’s role in the slave trade and colonisation, is an integral part of the Scottish education system.’

Agree: 92% Disagree: 2% Abstain: 6%. The motion passes.

Thank you to all the young people who came forward to share their experiences with me and helped to shape this motion. I represent you and your voice. Our voice matters and together we can speak truth to power.

With all my best wishes,

Daniella Faakor Damptey MSYP for Angus South