Cruel, Sick Irony by Ashley Pannell

What does life mean when the person you hate most in the world is the only one who can make you smile?


What value does life hold when the first person you fell in love in with, the only person you have ever loved in this way, doesn’t love you back?


What purpose does life have when your oldest friend turns away from your path to walk their own?


What is life when the very thing that will cause you nothing but destruction and oblivion is the one thing you crave most?


What is the cruel, sick irony of life when the only thing you can feel is the bitter sting of betrayal?


Why does life even exist when it is so damn cruel? When it lets you have things like family and friendship, when it lets you feel love and peace, when all it does is take it away from you?


Because life is a cruel friend. It’s the cruellest friend of all and you are only ever rid of life’s sick, twisted game when you are ushered into the sweet, welcoming embrace of death.