Covid 19 and Mental Health

Covid 19 and Mental Health

by Charlie Rutter

All everyone is talking about now is the global pandemic that’s going on at the moment, the Corona Virus also known as COVID19. Though this pandemic has taught us to treasure all the time we can with our friends and family, as we don’t know if we are going to go into another lockdown anytime soon. If you just wear a mask when you're out and about, sanitise your hands, maintain social distancing it will help prevent the virus spreading too fast. But one thing that has been pushed aside at the moment is people’s mental health, especially with young people.

I don’t think some people realise how much this pandemic is affecting their mental health. Some major cities are in a local lockdown, keeping young people inside who are sitting about most days not being able to see their friends. Though local lockdowns have been put in place for everyone's safety it is increasing the risk of suicides and poor mental health. Within the last two months there have been more suicide deaths than Corona Virus deaths, as per recent government figures.

Now that we wear masks within public places, we don’t really get to see what facial expression people have on their faces and we don’t really know how most people are coping with life. You don’t have to necessarily go around asking everyone you see if their okay, but just by checking in on your friends and family every once in a while, would help them.

It’s always good to look after yourself too, just doing normal everyday tasks can boost your mood. Even if you just make your bed in the morning can motivate you to be happier that day. You could take a long hot bath or shower, relax for a little bit, go for a run or do a workout followed by a cold shower. Simple tasks like that can make you feel a whole lot better overall.

So just to summarise; don’t forget to wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, be kind to others, check up on people and to look after yourself.