Cold as Ice by Ashley Pannell

  Numb - a moment in oblivion, staring down the abyss,

Feelings, actions, memories, purpose - they all fade away.

There is nothing but this moment, this moment which stretches into eternity,

And it leads me, on it leads me, through hundreds, thousands, millions of lifetimes,

All revolving around one sentence, one question, one ultimatum:

What is this?


And then, my body bursts to life, wrapped in a cold, cold, cold embrace,

Which threatens to swallow me whole,

To take all I can give, all of me, which would be willingly given.

And all I would ask for in return is this moment to last forever. 


Ice enters my veins and I let it, because this feeling,

This feeling is something I would be willing to die for, 

If only to taste it for a second - this raw, numbing, bitter feeling,

It promises vengeance,

It promises pain,

It promises power.


Ice cold water running over my body,

I sink deeper, deeper, deeper still,

Until I can't sink anymore.

And as my body turns frigid and my lips turn blue, I feel a smile

Curl around my mouth, and a glint of steel enters my eye,

And I let it. 


  I offer you my undying loyalty.

I ask for nothing but yours in return. 

And when you betray me, I do not respond with raging fury, but with

Ice cold anger that slowly burns. 



  I am not sweet, I am not kind, I am not weak.

I am not fire, which blazes and dies off.

I am ice - unflinching, unsympathetic, unyielding.

I bow to no one. 

I am patient, I am slow, I am cruel.

I am the cool, wintry breath which steals your warmth 

And turns your heart to frost.