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Here you can find all blog posts written by Brooke Barr - MSYP for Angus South 

7th December 2020

Being Involved in the Angus Youth Awards.

In the first week of November the winners and runners up of the Angus Youth Awards were announced. In the lead up to this, myself and many other young people worked with local youth workers to determine how the awards should be run.  We worked to decide what the categories would be, the best way to promote the awards and then helped to shortlist three nominations from each category.  These three nominations then went to a judge who chose a winner, with two runners up.

It was a difficult process as there were a lot of amazing nominations. The nominations for awards where me and another young person looked at and decided which ones would be put forward for either runner up or winner I came across multiple inspiring young people. I saw so many examples of volunteers, helping out and working hard were what a lot of these young people do. It is great to see young people going out and making Angus a better place, or becoming a better and confident person or making a huge improvement or progress in their life. It was a great to be a part of the process and I hope to see something similar next year as young people in Angus deserve recognition for what they do.

There will be a post on Young Scot Angus pages soon about all of the winners but for now have a look at the posts on Angus Wide Youth Work facebook page.

2nd September 2020

Back to school in the 'New normal'

Recently the schools across Scotland have opened their doors to their pupils like me and maybe yourself. It can be quite a huge change, especially with all the months spent indoors, to go back or be there for the first time can be a really nerve wrecking thing.

As your local MSYP I want to try support young people like myself. If you’re still worried and on edge about being back at school there is various websites that have advice for getting back to school, Youngscot has a handful of articles for this, one of the best about the rules about being back at school is this one here

Following the governments advice is best and if you are ever concerned about a certain issue in your school you should talk to a teacher if you feel comfortable doing so or your parents or guardians. Even speaking to a friend could help put you at ease. From discussions with my friends I have found that being in bigger crowds and the different but new procedures can have impact on mental health and especially people with pre-existing mental health problems. This is obviously a common struggle and in my own experience I think speaking to my friends has most definitely helped.

If you ever want to get in contact with me my details are as below.

Email: brooke.barr.msyp@sypmail.org.uk
Twitter: @brookebarr_MSYP