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Angus Youth Awards 2022 - The Arts category results

Young people were nominated in our arts category because they have 'Shown commitment and dedication to The Arts'.  Angus Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament selected 3 entries to go through to the final stage.  A winner and runner up were then chosen by a panel of Mark Armstrong, Depute Chief Executive for Angus Council, Councillors Mark McDonald and Lynne Devine and Pauline Rettie, Communities Officer for Angus Council. 

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Winners : Angus Young Scot Media group

Team members : Kaelyn Robertson, Barry McKay, Ashley Pannell, Terri Simpson, Charlie Rutter, Ellie Prouse, Matthew Robertson, Tirzah Ellen, Erin Donald, Laura Duncan, Duncan Cameron, Natasha McNaughton, Dylan Gall. 

Angus Young Scot Media group were nominated for the hard work and dedication they show to both producing content for the Angus pages of the Young Scot website and their inclusive approach to working as a group.  They are excellent at identifying each other strengths and through this they have created a very productive and inclusive team.  As a group they have produced a satirical take on Alcohol advertising to help raise awareness in the techniques used in alcohol marketing, alongside this they have also covered many local events.  The group are currently working on a disabilities and difficulties campaign.  They felt there was a lack of information for young people about disabilities.  In addition they recognised there are aspects of young people’s lives which create barriers and challenges that aren’t disabilities – more difficulties – young people wanted to ensure these were included in their campaign. The group demonstrate passion not only about having the voice of young people heard but also ensuring young people have access to information to support them in their lives.

“We were very impressed with the range of issues you have focused on and the content you have produced which raises awareness and understanding of these issues.  The group is diverse and your approach to inclusivity is commendable.  You have proven that using the arts and your creative skills is one way to explore and break down the barriers and stigma attached to the topics you cover.” Award judges

Here's what some of the group members would like to say :

"I have been participating in Angus Youth Media for a very long time and it has become such an important part of my life.  It's a great place to meet new people, learn new skills and have fun while trying new things.  The tea and biscuits are also pretty nice."  Ashley

"The group has helped me gain experience, knowledge and most importantly confidence in my creative abilities.  I know I am part of a team which is so accommodating and eager to hear what each other has to day.  It's a great environment to work in!"  Duncan

"Seeing this group grow over the years is so impressive.  The people in the group really make it a team that you're proud to be a part of.  I can't wait to see what we get up to next!"  Terri

"Over the past year I have been welcomed into a group of kind and creative individuals, who are always ready to help make positive change.  I only wish opportunities like it were greater in number."  Barry

"I am super happy to be one of many members of the group.  Everyone is always included in the campaigns as well as other work we do.  Being part of the group has given me so much confidence to express my talents as well as learning new skills.  I couldn't be any more thankful to be with this group of lovely people I meet on a Thursday night."  Kaelyn


The group were nominated across four categories – Young Person’s Voice, The Arts, Equality and diversity role model and Group Achievement.  Come back to find out how they get on in the other categories!


Runner Up : Angus Expressive Arts Programme

Young people worked with staff from across Angus in small local groups to explore their feelings and experience of COVID 19.  In Forfar the group chose to use painted art as their medium and worked together to create a mural which combined their individual efforts and also the group effort.  The mural was displayed outside Forfar Westend Football club for the public to see.  The Arbroath group used a comic book as their medium.  All group members have a copy of this to keep and it was distributed in Carnoustie to S1 pupils.  The project gave young people an opportunity to express themselves and explore their feelings and work towards moving forward following a challenging time.  The Arbroath group have gone on to work with staff in different projects.  Sharing their work with others has given young people in Angus the chance to explore their own feelings and feel they are not alone.  The project itself won a National Youth Work award for Arts and Creativity.

The judges stated “This piece of work is a fantastic achievement for all involved which has been recognised nationally by winning a YouthLink Scotland National Youth Work Award 2022 for Arts and Creativity.  Large numbers of young people benefitted from taking part in this project and the impact of the work is great.  It is an incredibly worthy piece of work and deserving of the recognition given across these Award categories.”
Forfar display

The group were also nominated in the Environment / Heritage and Group Achievement categories - come back later in the week to see how they got on!