An Elf's Life by Ashley Pannell

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P.S. Don't take this too seriously.


23rd of December 2018, 07:23


Location: Santa's Workshop, the North Pole


Alabaster Snowball was a very important elf. Indeed, he was the only elf in the North Pole with not one but two university degrees, both from Cambridge and had developed an elaborate computing system which monitored the niceness and naughtiness of children all over the world. He was the elf in charge of the 'Naughty and Nice' list, and so was dubbed to be a very important elf indeed.


Being such an important elf, he felt it was his responsibility to ensure everything was running smoothly when Santa was absent.


Usually, he was very friendly and good hearted, but recently, Santa had been busy in his office, dealing with the instalments of the latest iPhone (didn't they just release the one before that?)  and so, recently, he had been a rather.... irritable elf.


"BUSHY! What are you doing?! You're supposed to be putting the finishing touches on the toys, not throwing candy canes at a Christmas tree!"


Bushy Evergreen was the Head Toymaker at the Workshop, being a very skilled engineer and toymaker. He was very hardworking, for the most part. However, there were times when he would do less than productive things such as throwing candy canes at Christmas tree in the Kitchens to see if he could get any on.


"Eat a Christmas bobble!" He yelled back.


Alabaster fumed at him before attending to other business, yelling behind him, "Five minutes, Bushy!" 


Bushy turned to his companion nearby and said, "That guy needs to get a life."


Sugarplum Mary simply smiled softly and told him, "And you need to check the toys."


Having originated from an Asian province, Sugarplum Mary was a very tiny elf with dark hair and skin. She was a kindred spirit, never losing her temper and always greeting each day with a peaceful smile.


She was the Head of Sweet Treats, and one of the most marvellous cooks in the world, being top assistant to Mrs Claus, who was bustling around the large kitchen, supervising the other elves.


Bushy groaned. "You just have to make me do work, don't ya?"


She only smiled again. "It is your job."


He groaned again as a very large, very loud elf made his way into the Kitchens. "GREETINGS FRIENDS!"


All the elves winced at the volume but smiled nonetheless at Wunorse Openslae. Descended from Nordic Elves, Wunorse was very tall and very strong, the tallest and strongest elf in they knew. He had long blond hair and a long blond beard, both of which were kept in braids.


Wunorse was in charge of the Reindeer, but was a keen inventor and in charge of managing Santa's sleigh. He had a very loud personality and was considered by all to be the life and soul of the party.


"Hello, Wunorse," Mary greeted warmly, whilst Bushy clicked his fingers and tongue as the large elf made his way over to them. "What brings you here?"


Wunorse replied in a slightly quieter (but still loud) voice, "Hello Sugarplum and Bushy! I've come to get the meal for the reindeer. Got to make sure they're strong and healthy after all! He said, gathering their meals easily into his large hands.


"Of course," she said, as she got up to take a fresh batch of mince pies out the oven, "Would you like one?"


"Hell yeah!" Bushy answered for Wunorse, taking two from the tray and handing one over to the Nordic Elf. As Sugarplum Mary put the treats with the rest of them, the two elves enjoyed their mince pies.


Wunorse suddenly froze then, hurriedly finishing his mince pie before plucking his notepad and pencil form his pocket and scribbling furiously down on the pages.


Bushy froze mid-bite, slowly asking him, "What are you doing?"


Wunorse merely said, "Don't move! I've been struck by inspiration."


"Hey, I ain't being your inspiration!" Bushy yelled, trying to obstruct Wunorse's view of him.  


Before Wunorse could reply, a loud "BUSHY!" was heard from the other side of the room. Both elves turned to see Alabaster storming in. "GET BACK TO WORK!"


"Sorry, Ally, Wunorse gotta draw me like I'm one of his French girls!" And the two rushed off before Alabaster could catch them.


Alabaster fumed silently but visibly as Mary returned to her workplace, offering him a mince pie. He took it and took a bite out of it, sighing as he did so.


"Feel better?" She asked, smiling knowingly.


Alabaster smiled back. "Yes, thank you."


"You mustn't get so worked up about this." She said, patiently. "I know you feel it's your responsibility to make sure the elves are all doing their work, but I don't think you have to worry. It's like this every year. Bushy procrastinates until the very last minute and makes sure that every toy is ready. It happens like this every year and yet you still get so frustrated at it."


He sighed, shoulders slumping slightly, "I know, it's just.. Everything has to be perfect for Christmas."


Sugarplum Mary only laughed. "It's Christmas, Alabaster. It won't be perfect, no matter how much you plan. That's not what it's about. It's about spending time with those you love most in the world."


He blinked at her, as though really seeing her for the first time. "I... I suppose you're right." He turned then, about to go away, before turning back to her. "I- Thank you, Sugarplum. Merry Christmas."


She smiled back at him, her own mince pie in hand. "Merry Christmas, Alabaster."


The End


Merry Christmas!!