Where Can The Money Go? Stonehaven

Several projects have applied for money in Stonehaven

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE NOW, for three projects using the Link. However please ensure that you know how to vote first


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The projects in this area are:

Mackie Academy

Care Experienced Group


Boost self esteem, sense of self wortht, creative positive experiences and memories, provide respite from care placement, form peer based support network


Amount Requested: £1500



Mackie Academy

Mackies Nurtures Wellbeing


An annual programme of events - 'Mackies Nurtures Wellbeing' to encourage mental wellbeing. Take part in activities such as dance, meditation, mindfulness, crafting and storytelling to help ourselves and others.


Amount Requested: £2000



Gardening Group


We would use the money to buy a multi-purpose garden shed.  It would store our tools and pond-dipping equipment, while also giving us a sheltered space to grow seedlings and protect tender plants.  With windows, we could also use it as a small bird hide to study what happens in the wildlife area of our garden.  Our plan is to grow climbing plants and honeysuckle up the walls to encourage pollinators; and also to attach a bat box.  All the children would be able to use the shed and would benefit from being more active in our garden.


Amount Requested: £1170



Nature Nurture Area


Our Nature Nurture project will keep the school eco-friendly for wildlife with enhancements to provide food and habitat for animals visiting the playground.  It will give us fun areas and equipment so we can be excited by being surrounded with nature, relax and do lots of interesting things outdoors.  We hope to buy equipment to build shelters together in teams and to have areas where we can sit and enjoy time together in nature. We’d love a fire basket so we can learn how to use fire safely outdoors and enjoy time together around the fire for stories, chat and cooking.


Amount Requested: £1827.6199999999999


Arduthie Primary School

Arduthie Beehive (Nurture Space)


We want to promote a relaxed atmosphere in our school and think that a space with soft furnishings, mobiles, artwork and calm music will help us. We would like to promote tolerance and understanding of others by using more diverse resources. We want to improve children’s learning and to help their emotional wellbeing. We think that a relaxing space full of helpful resources and books will help us to promote social and emotional wellbeing throughout the school. A special Wellbeing library full of relevant books will be used by everyone in the school. Games will promote teamwork, social skills, growth mindset and confidence. Art resources will support our creativity and peaceful thinking. Mindfulness will promote selfcare and gratitude throughout the school.  ( Primary 4/5)


Amount Requested: £2000


Glenbervie Primary School

Garden Revival


We would rebuild and revitalise our school garden to ensure it was an area for shared learning sustainability, awareness of climate change, being eco friendly, self sufficient and promote nurture and health and wellbeing.  We would create a safe learning environment for all ages and develop a space where people could enjoy the outdoors and the benefits of growing your own foods.  It would be an area of enjoyment and tranquility to support the health and wellbeing of the young people, staff and members of our community.


Amount Requested: £1500


Mill o Forest Primary School

Calming Corner


There are some people in our school who find the playground a challenging place to be.  Our playground currently is very open with many active play areas but not everyone enjoys this type of activity.  We would like to provide a clam and quiet corner where pupils can read, draw and listen to relaxing music.


Amount Requested: £2000