Where Can The Money Go? Peterhead

Several projects have applied for money in Peterhead

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE NOW, for one project using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first


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The projects in this area are:

Peterhead Academy

Enhancing our Outdoor Space


Our school is a concrete jungle with no green space and we want to make our outdoor space more inviting so that pupils can sit together and enjoy the social interaction.  We have problems with pupils at lunchtime off site.  If we had a pleasant area to sit outside with a sports court, this could help to improve the perception of pupils in the community and would enhance well being by being able to socialise better as well as encouraging physical fitness.


Amount Requested: £2000



Peterhead Academy

PE Extra Curricular


Representing your school should be open to all pupils and in a large variety of activities.  We would like to encourage the pupils of Peterhead Academy to represent their school in as many activities as we can support, while also starting new activities like handball and tchouckball.  The money we are asking for would allow us to buy new equipment and also clothing for the pupils who represent the school at the local and national competitions so that they have a clear identity that they can be proud of.