Where Can The Money Go? Mintlaw

Several projects have applied for money in Mintlaw

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE NOW, for one project using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first


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The projects in this area are:

Mintlaw Academy

Nurture Project


This money will allow us to buy resources needed to carry out a community project in our local area, building the young people’s self-esteem and helping to foster a sense of belonging to their community.   The money will also provide the opportunity for young people to take part in much needed positive experiences which will have a positive impact on their mental health and general wellbeing.


Amount Requested: £2000



Pitfour Primary School

Buddy Bench


Currently, our only Buddy Bench is on the grass of our playground. This means that when it rains, we cannot use the Buddy Bench because we are not allowed on the grass when it rains. This means that lots of pupils who may need the Buddy Bench cannot use it. To help, our Pupil Council did a survey across our school and Pitfour Primary voted to raise money for more Buddy Benches, to be installed in our school playground, on the tarmac area. If we did this, more people at our school would feel included and supported to make friends


Amount Requested: £2000