Where Can The Money Go? Inverurie

Several projects have applied for money in Inverurie

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE NOW, for one project using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first



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The projects in this area are:

Hatton of Fintry School

HAPPY HEALTHY ME.  We would like to go to the Sports Village to take part in new sports and build our skills, improving our wellbeing.


HAPPY, HEALTHY ME! Vote for us to experience the excitement of learning new sporting skills, experiencing the great facilities and coaches of the Sports Village over the winter months instead of our small GP room.  We’d love to have a monthly visit to help support our Health and Wellbeing.


Amount Requested: £2000



Strathburn Primary

Nurture Project


The money will be used to further enhance our indoor and outdoor play equipment which can be used to enhance the emotional wellbeing of children who have a range of additional support needs as well as those recovering from the COVID pandemic.  Good quality play resources are vital when interacting and supporting our children who need the help and support to overcome adversity in their life.  This money will greatly enhance our ability extend our much needed nurture group here at Strathburn.