Where Can The Money Go? Huntly

Several projects have applied for money in Huntly

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE NOW, for three projects using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first


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The projects in this area are:

Drumblade Primary School

Project is FISH


Who wants to feel calm?  Watching fish swimming gracefully and floating around has been proven to create a relaxed atmosphere.  We would like to have fish in our classroom with LED lights that change colour to create a calming effect and benefit our mental health.  It will also he to teach responsibitliy through feeing and cleaning the fish regularly.  We would like other schools to also enjoy the benefit.  Pur budget will allow 3 other local schools the opportunity to have a tank and fish to enjoy.  Please vote for Project FISH!


Amount Requested: £1068.54



Gordon Primary Schools

P7 classes - led by:  Eilidh M, Eilidh S, Amy, Angel and Caitlin


Our group’s goal is to use council and school outdoor space create an area that encourages exercise for all  to enjoy as well as improving the health and wellbeing of our pupils.  We intend to add loose parts for pupils to enjoy as something fresh and new.  We want to add football goals, basketball and netball hoops to improve fitness and sport outside for pupils who are bored or don’t have anything to do during breaks.  We would also like to add more materials for children who like building or creating dens and reduce the fighting for materials.


Amount Requested: £1650


The Gordon Schools

TGS Wellbeing Ambassadors and Peer Educators


Help us to help you and our community with positive mental health! Using the expertise of the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), we’ll train-up wellbeing ambassadors and peer educators in S5 and S6 to focus on mental health in teenagers and all pupils from S1 through to S6 . All pupils will get access to in-School support and if you volunteer to be trained, get more skills and experience for moving forwards. We’ll leave a legacy of trained pupils who can carry on helping next school year too! Let’s get positive about mental health!


Amount Requested: £2000


The Gordon Schools



ASDitude for all! Show support for pupils with Autism, ADHD and other related conditions.  Get involved with community groups to help! Support this bid to help get much needed resources for those affected. Help us to educate people so we can all live and learn together, and see the people, not the barriers or conditions.


Amount Requested: £1500