Where Can The Money Go? Aboyne

Several projects have applied for money in Aboyne

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE FROM WEDNESDAY 5TH OCTOBER, using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first


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The projects in this area are:

Aboyne Academy

Aboyne Academy Leadership Group

From fixing cycles and smelling Daisies, To zooming down hills which may sound crazy, Grass beneath your feet to biking safely down the street, weve got it covered. Were reducing our carbon by making a garden. To make a community grow, Pedel push adrenlin rush, smell, taste, hearing, see, touch, It means so much if you can sense that much, Our project can make it happen.

Amount Requested £2000


Kincardine 0'Neil Primary School

Wild Challenge Week

Kincardine O'Neil School would like all pupils in the school to participate in the RSPB's Wild Challenge Award. The award involves taking part in 24 activities which helps children connect and learn about nature and wildlife. By engaging as a whole community we can make a positvie difference on climate change and make a difference on our community as well as sharing it wider with others.

Amount Requested £1000


Lumphanan Primary School

Super 7's Gardening Project

We want to set up a small cafe in the school to share our fruits and vegetables with our school, family and community. We would need to buy pots and pans and other cooking equipment to help us make different foods from what we grow. We want to use the money to improve our school garden. We will fix our greenhouse and add a vegetable patch so we can grow fruits and vegetables independently. After our food has grown, we will host a cafe in school and cook food for our classmates, families and community. We will also add a bird bath and feeder to our garden to bring more wildlife to the school. Our project will help the environment because the plants we grow will help suck up the carbon dioxide, it will make us go outside more and our community will be greener!


Amount Requested £2000