Where Can The Money Go? Aboyne

Several projects have applied for money in Aboyne

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE NOW, for three project using the link. However, please ensure that you know how to vote first



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The projects in this area are:

Kincardine O Neil P7s

Creatively Connecting at Kinker


CREATIVELY CONNECTING AT KINKER! P7 pupiles at Kincardine O Neil School would like to set up a lunchtime LEGO club.  LEGO challenges and technology days forthe whole school to boost everyone's creativity and help develop a positive mindset and wellbeing.  We hop to hold an optional online schools challenge for all Primary 7 pupiles to join in with an connect schools at a time when we have been isolated.  We have limited resources and the money would make a big difference to a small school and support all children in the future


Amount Requested: £1500



Lumphanan School

Fitness and Mental Health Week


Lumphanan School - Fitness and Mental Health Week.  The pandemic has limited the opportunities the pupils at Lumphanan School have been able to access.  This can lead to loneliness, poor mental health and being isolated.  We want to plan difference sports, talks and play sessions for all our pupiles with activities we don't often get a chance to do like the climbing wall, swimming and trampolining.


Amount Requested: £1000


Finzean Primary School

Secret 7


Can you help us please?  The H&W of pupils is always important, so the pupils of Finzean school have a vision to create a lovely calming area outside.   Their exciting plan is to purchase astroturf for the area, a bench, art structures and plants to create a calm and soothing area which they could use if they feel they need to be calm, or where the teachers and the class could work outdoors in a calming location.  They would ask local people to help with building a bench and creating the art – a community effort.  Please vote for us.


Amount Requested: £1000


Aboyne Academy

Re-decorating the pond


Our school science pond needs a makeover!  We would use the money for new flowers, clippers to cut the bushes down, fish so when you look in the pond you can see a pretty view, pond cleaner to clean the pond, a pressure washer we will try to find someone we can borrow it from, lily pads to make the pond pretty, a plumber to make the water fountain work again. We would use the pond for a better experience doing the science project and so we can see what we are catching and different things to catch (not just weeds). At the moment it looks bad and we want it to look pretty. I didn't know it was a pond when I started at the academyand we need to bring it back to life!


Amount Requested: £1000


Aboyne Academy

Make Lunchtimes Better


Let’s make lunchtimes enjoyable and restful! Imagine comfy seating in the Community Room and outside seating beside the astro. Our goal is to encourage more young people to socialise in Aboyne Academy by increasing seating facilities. We want to positively impact everyone’s mental health. Covid-19 effected our rural area with a big catchment moreover pupils were isolated from their friends during lockdown therefore seating areas will help improve new relationships between pupils. We hope Higher pupils could make some seating in woodwork, including them and improve their skill and gives an achievement that they have succeeded in.