Chill Out With Our Colouring Page

Want a way to relax and keep your mind occupied? Why not try out some colouring pages designed by other young people in South Ayrshire

Why are colouring books so popular? 

Colouring helps you relax and unwind - rather than thinking a million different thoughts, you are just focussed on picking shades and keeping between the lines. For a lot of people it reduces anxiety for them. Plus it's a nice way to be creative without having to paint a masterpiece or sculpt a statue. 

We've have some colouring pages for you to try out - whether you want to chill out, unplug from your phone or your laptop, or just take some time out for yourself, it's well worth a go! Plus, our colouring sheet has a hidden rewards code, find it and earn yourself some Young Scot Rewards points!

All you need to do is download the image below, print it off and have your colouring pencils at the ready!

Colouring page 1 JPEG or PDF

Colouring Page 2 JPEG or PDF

Colouring Page 3 JPEG or PDF

Colouring Page 4 JPEG or PDF

Colouring Page 5 JPEG or PDF

Colouring Page 6 JPEG or PDF

Download the Full Colouring Book (PDF)