Things You Can do to Help Your Local Community

We can all do something to help our local community to thrive, and even small acts can make a big difference. 

1) Chat to your neighbours 

Stopping to say hello to your neighbours, and spending some time to have a chat with them can be a great way to brighten up someone's day. 

2) Clean up some litter

Making sure that you don't drop any litter is a great place to start! You can also help by picking up any that you see locally and putting it in the bin. This will help the environment and make your community a nicer place to live. Find out more information about joining a community clean up in Renfrewshire. 

3)Help those in need

If you are picking up some essentials at the supermarket, you might notice that some places collect food and toiletries for local foodbank. Why not buy a couple extra bits and pieces and help out local residents who might need some extra help this festive season. Check out this guide to find out what food banks need. You can also volunteer your time at your local foodbank!

4) Support local events

Found out about an event on in Paisley Town Centre? Why not show your support by going along to the event and getting involved? You'll have fun and help to support the area you live. For more information about events on in Paisley check out Paisley First

5) Volunteer

Get involved with a local cause that you're passionate about, and volunteer for them. There are a whole range of organisations that you can volunteer with in Renfrewshire and you can even get Young Scot Rewards points when you build up your volunteering hours with Saltire Awards!