Paisley YS Discount Cafes

Renfrewshire Blog:

Lots of cafes in Paisley offer a Young Scot discount - the most recent ones being Blend, Mad Hatters and Bianco e Nero - all of which have proven to be really popular in Paisley!

The discount in each of the cafes is different, and so I decided to go into each business and test the deals out with my Young Scot card! Find out how I got on below.

Breakfast? Yes please!

Bianco e Nero was first on my list in the morning as they offer a breakfast deal!

The café gives you a choice of sitting in or taking away, which is ideal as I was running late to work and needed something quick to go. When I walked in the atmosphere was very welcoming and everyone seemed happy. The person serving me was so helpful as all I had to do was ask about the Young Scot deal, with my card in hand, and she read out the set menu of breakfast Panini’s straight away.

I chose the pepperoni and cheese option and also paired this with a nice hot chocolate drink (this really helped wake me up for work!). All together I couldn’t believe that this meal came to just £3, especially since a small hot chocolate with the cheapest Panini on the menu is £7.15. Overall I saved £4.15!

The breakfast deal isn't even the only deal on offer at Bianco e Nero! If you want to find out more click on this link to view their Afternoon Deal


Catch up with Friends

Thursday after work I had plans to meet up with a friend, and since we both work in Paisley we agreed to sit in one of the cafes close by.

Since we’d just finished work it was coming up to 5pm and most cafés were closed, except Blend. This reminded me that I could use my Young Scot card to get 20% off the drinks menu board! I’d never been in Blend before so when I walked in it was interesting to see the layout; my favourite bit was the fairy lights on the ceiling.

When walking to the counter  the first things I spotted were the cakes- they looked so yummy (I still regret not getting one now!). However the drink I did get was amazing enough on its own as it was a Banoffee Milkshake. Anyone who knows me knows I love banoffee pie, so I just had to have this milkshake when I saw it on the menu board. My friend got the same and when showing our cards together we saved £1.58.

Blend does so much fun food and drinks, to see more click here

Lunch Time

I’d heard my mum mention the Mad Hatters Coffee House in Paisley before, and now having the Young Scot discount of 10% off anything on the menu, it just made the idea of lunch seem even tastier!

I ordered a pesto chicken and cheese toasted panini -this came with salad and crisps. My mum ordered a loaded baked potato with salad, and even though it doesn’t come with crisps the owner was nice enough to add them for free! The peach ice teas were amazing, and food even better.

We saved £2 or £3 making the overall price around £17. This included many refills of juice as I became obsessed with their ice teas!

The cafe is reasonably priced with loads to choose from, and having this cafe so central in Paisley helps cut the cost of travel too - its a win win! 

To see more about the deals at mad hatters please follow this link

Find out more about what's going on in Paisley, and where else you can get a local Young Scot discount by checking out our Shopping Local Campaign