Five Reasons to Shop Local

Check out our top five reasons to shop locally, and why you should do this in Paisley! 

1) Spending boosts your local community  

By buying things on your local High Street, you’re putting money back into the area you live in, allowing it to be the best place to live that it can possibly be. Remember you can get lots of great Young Scot discounts at businesses in Paisley! For example – Mad Hatter’s CaféRevive Tech and Blend. See all at  

2) Build communities  

Local businesses can often hold exciting events for you to get involved in. Make sure to keep up to date with what’s on in Paisley by liking Paisley First on Facebook!  

3) More choice 

Whether you’re buying gifts for friends and family, or want to visit a café or coffee shop, having lots of different small businesses on your high street gives you the most choice for the best hot drink, unique gifts or whatever it may be that you are looking to buy.  

4) Advice  

If you’re looking for some advice before you buy a new product, then visiting a local business may be the way to go. Owners are likely to be passionate about the products they sell and may be able to give you some helpful advice.

5) Ethical choice  

Shopping locally can help you to reduce your environmental impact and gives you the chance to choose where you shop in a more ethical way. 

Find out more information about what's on in Paisley over on the Paisley First website.